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  We are Pleased to inform you we are going to publish Interdisciplinary Journal called Sanshodhan Samiksha. The aim of Sanshodhan Samiksha is to acquaint the scholars with the current national and international scenario. Sanshodhan Samiksha is a platform for the interaction of the scholars of social sciences ,sciences ,commerce and different languages .Through Sanshodhan Samiksha we wish to inspire students for research by publishing their articles in print format and online. Through quarterly Sanshodhan Samiksha we expect to offer solutions to the various education related problems by inviting the opinions of thinkers and scholars.

  Multilingual Sanshodhan Samiksha invites research papers in Marathi, Hindi, English language so that the scholars may enhance their knowledge without the barriers of language. The Sanshodhan Samiksha aims at disseminating the knowledge in the field of various streams of Education, Literature & Management and provides a forum for deliberations and exchange of knowledge among Scientist, Academicians, Researchers, Professionals, Industries and practitioners. The Sanshodhan Samiksha encourages submission of theoretical and empirical result-based papers, case studies, research papers and notes, executive experience, sharing articles in the different domains of science, technology and management related disciplines.


Prof. Virag Gawande