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Multidisciplinary International

Peer Reviewed and Indexed Research Journal

Published Articles 2020

Original Articles

Volume 2 |Issue 2| January To March 2020

Introducation to Smart Cities in India,Smart Solutions,Features,Process and Challenges
Dr.Deoman S.Umbarkar
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Religious minotity in india and contemporary issues.
Shweta Sureshrao Shiraskar
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The Effects of the CORONA VIRUS ON Music and Music Artists.
Ms. Uttara Ratansing Tadavi
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The Contribution Of Indian Saints In Social Reformation: A Study.
Dr. Rajshri Gajghate
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User Satisfaction with Library Resources, Services and Facilities: A Study of academic college libraries of Buldana District.
Prof Gajanan Baliram Ghayal.
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Jaya: Embodiment of Humanism in Harvest by Manjula Padmanabhan.
Mr.Avinash V. Thote.
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Structural religious thinking and covid–19 in indian context.
Dr.Pundlik Eshwar Bhosle
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A framework for characterizing knowlwdge management Methods, practices & technologies.
Dr. Rekha M. Gulhane.
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How To Deal With The ‘Covid-19 Pandemic’: : It’s Stress And Solutions Especially For Competitive Sports Performers.
Dr. Satish R.Modani.
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A study of coping tendency in respective physical and mental health problems of player and sedentary individual.
Dr. Tanuja S. Raut.
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